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About Us

Omcre8tiv is a strategic design group that defibrillates your ideas and visions from inception to multiverse.


we design brands, businesses, and experiences in a succinct, unexpected, innovative, and omnidirectional way.

Mark Montgomery

Mark Montgomery is a highly experienced strategic advisor and futurist having consulted globally to government bodies, sovereign institutions, and leading media and communication corporations. He has produced multiple award-winning films, spoken on TEDX (Projecting Horizons) and mentored numerous business people and artists to navigate their path to success. 

Ondina Montgomery

ondina is a multi-faceted fashion and textile designer specializing in concept design and art direction. her experience encompasses textile and fashion design, visualization, interior architecture, concept development, branding and marketing. she provides unique conceptual constructs aligned to the brands identity that evolves throughout the projects development ensuring the brands image remains innovative and unique. she has a superb skill set and an eye for detail that constantly produces dynamic visual design solutions.

Rachel Dunn

rachel is a creative force in short film production bringing to life every frame under her direction. Music is the heartbeat of video production and is rarely used in a way that can add depth and energy to create powerful emotive work that transcends time. Rachel has created hundreds of successful brands and has been a speaker at the prestigious AGideas run by Ken Cato.

Michael Hole

michael hole is a director, producer and marketing specialist. as a content producer he specialises in building social media advertising and high converting marketing funnels for small to medium businesses. having worked with, and mentored hundreds of clients, he is highly regarded as an expert in implementing powerful, marketing systems to grow your business.

GC Nakila

GC Nakila is a creative graphic artist, designer, and illustrator with a strong background in marketing and social media. Her expertise lies in designing captivating visuals using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Canva. She thoroughly enjoy bringing ideas to life through her creative support for web and graphic projects. She thrives on the diversity of tasks and challenges that come her way where each project presents a unique set of needs, allowing her to showcase her versatility and adaptability. 

Gareth Brooks

writer and story supervisor, brookes has worked for several international production companies. these include fremantle media as supervising head writer for global drama, and drama development executive for sony pictures entertainment (moscow). brookes recently co-created and wrote the series the pact (roku tv 2021); was the creator and writer of the supernatural series blind eyes (hbo europe 2022); co-producer and story consultant on the screenplay the young dictator. he is a visiting professor at the national film school of romania.




in the research and discovery phase, design teams work to understand the client, their business, their target audience, and their goals. a crucial step to formulating a sound strategy and creative direction involves not just great imagination and creativity, it includes conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather the necessary information. understanding the market and competitive landscape is critical during this stage.



A solid understanding of the project and its requirements is critical so the team can start developing various concepts and consider different perspectives, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. this involves sketches, mood boards, idea maps, and rough drafts to distill ideas into possible solutions.



To give shape to the ideas designers start creating prototypes, wireframes, or mock-ups of the proposed design solution. this phase is interactive, as designers need to translate their abstract concepts into a tangible form applying design principles including typography, colour theory, and layout design to create visual representations that can be shared, reviewed, and tested.



After review the team refines their work, making necessary changes, in preparation for the final design. this involves detailing, finalizing colour schemes, layouts, typography, and other graphical elements. depending on the project, this could mean coding a website, finalizing a logo design, or sending a brochure to print.



Once the design is ready for launch the design solution is delivered to the client for approval to be published, or otherwise made public. the design team can also collect feedback post-launch to understand the design’s performance that is to be used to make improvements.